Me Mondays - Lindsey Quigley

Hi #Poisenation!!! When Danielle asked me to write a blog I had no clue what to write about (plus I was a little scared cause I've never written a blog before!) but then she reminded me that I also have a special announcement and it hit me!! I'm going to go ahead and quote my husband’s all time favorite movie "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get" -Forest Gump.

If you asked me six years ago what my life was going to be like I would have never explained to you what I live (and love) today. I was graduating from college, moving to NYC and I was going to plan events for a living!!! But then life happened and I moved home to Nantucket, met a boy, and fell in love! The dream of NYC disappeared and I was planning events on Nantucket, which wasn’t a bad trade off right? Life was good, I was with the man of my dreams, and working at a job I loved. Then as it happens when you least expect it Scott got a phone call offering him a job he had been wanting which left me with many questions.... Do I move with him? Do I leave the island and my dream job? Well a roller coaster with no dips or turns isn’t fun right? So I packed up everything and with my "hot dog" as my co-pilot we were off to our new life in Woburn, MA. Now you’re probably wondering where I'm going with telling you my life story but I'm getting there!!

We arrived in Woburn and moved into our lovely apartment with our two dogs and... Oh wait back track. When we moved to Woburn we didn’t have enough time to look for an apartment and not too many apartments were too happy about the fact that we had two dogs. So yep! I moved in with my BF's parents! (Who are now my amazing in-laws!) They thankfully welcomed us, our dogs and all of our stuff with open arms. But as life goes we went out to check the mail one day and there was a lovely life changing letter for Scott. So in the blink of an eye life was changing yet again after about 6-months of living with his parents together we packed Scott up and he was off to the State Police Academy for 6 very long months.

And you got it! I was living with his parents - alone. Now, mind you, the only person I knew in Woburn was Scott all my friends and family were back in Nantucket, and I barely knew how to get around this city. I spent a lot of time walking my dogs and catching up on trashy TV. On a nightly basis, Scott’s mom Diane (whom most of you know!) would ask me if I wanted to go to Zumba, and every night I kept saying ‘No Thanks, I’m all set, maybe another night’... All I kept thinking in my head was she must be nuts! I’ve got no rhythm and I will be the next Zumba flop sensation on Youtube! I’m not sure what changed my mind but one night I finally said yes to trying out a Barreworke class at Studio Poise. Mind you, I think I nearly gave Diane a heart attack when I said “Sure, I’ll go with you”. And on to the next chapter of my life as a #posieaddict.

Life seemed to mellow out when I found Studio Poise; I went to work, I went to the studio, I walked my dogs and I washed loads of white t-shirts on the weekends.

Then as it goes, life changes… over the next year it was one exciting thing after another! Scott graduated the State Police Academy, we bought a house, and got engaged. Last October Danielle approached me and asked if I had ever thought about teaching fitness classes. To be honest, never in my right mind did I ever think of getting up in front of a group of people… let alone teach them a workout class! But I added another twist to the roller coaster of life and here I am. Almost one year later there isn’t anywhere I’d rather be in life. Being an #SPInstructress is honestly one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. You can be having the worst day ever and you walk into that studio and the inspiration and motivation that are pouring out of the clients is amazing!! I finally got married to the man that changed my life this past June and we couldn’t be happier. Until of course the day after the honeymoon when... #SPecialannouncement -we found out that we were expecting!!! That’s right, a new #poisepeainthepod will be joining us this coming March and I can’t wait to share him or her with you guys!

So now that I’ve told you my almost my whole life story you are probably wondering what the point of my blog is. Well I've always been a planner (that’s what I did for a living), but you can’t plan life. Learn to live in the moment! You may think that you have it all planned out, but one day you may get a phone call or a letter and you have to be ready to roll with the punches. Life changes can be scary and sometimes they can throw us off our routines and even though it’s normal for us to not be ok with that in the moment. Things will mellow out and you will have the opportunity to hop back on the train.  I think the biggest thing that helped me work through all these amazing changes in my life is just taking time for me. It may be a class at SP (or 10 :)), a quick walk outside, or a shopping spree at lululemon! Remember to do you and life will unfold as it should.  I couldn’t be happier with where my life has brought me today and I can’t wait to hear about which chocolate you choose next! Peace out #Poisenation!