Transformation Thursday - Janelle DeMerchant

Next up on Transformation Thursday is Janelle DeMerchant.  Don’t let this girl’s quiet demeanor fool you... she is an animal in the studio and her hard work has paid off - lets hear from her!

    When I walked through the doors of Studio Poise a year and a half ago, I figured I would do the three class package I had signed up for and then be on my way. Little did I know that I would become an unlimited package regular and that I would never think of exercise the same way again.

    At the time I was feeling extremely discouraged.  Two years prior I had suffered a back injury that left me unable, and then afraid to exercise for about 6 months. Having always been pretty active, my body did not react well to doing nothing. I quickly put on 20 lbs which on a 4 ft. 11 frame is extremely noticeable. I continued to use my bad back as an excuse to myself for why I wasn’t working out, but I think deep down I knew that I had let things get out of control and I was scared.

    After getting engaged the following spring I finally had a reason to get my butt in gear. I went hard to the gym every day doing only cardio thinking this was the solution. I soon became bored, hated going to the gym, and saw no results. At this point I was pissed off that I was working so hard and not seeing results so I had another excuse to quit.

      Fast forward to my first Studio Poise class. It was hard, but definitely not boring. Danielle’s enthusiasm was infectious and the class flew by for me. Afterwards, I remember other “poisers” asking me if I had tried other classes and telling me which ones I should try. I felt so welcome and couldn’t wait to go back. I ended up signing up for the bridal package with my friend and bridesmaid Chrissy. After the 3 months I had lost the weight I had gained and for the first time in a long time felt strong again. I love that I am never bored at Studio Poise. There is such a variety of classes and I take a different one almost every day. The instructresses are all amazing and give great modifications so people like me with past injuries can work out without feeling pressure to do something our body is not able to, but still getting a great workout. Studio Poise has completely changed the way I view exercising. It is not something I am punishing myself with anymore. I actually feel like I am rewarding myself by going to my “happy place” and am bummed if I have to miss one of my favorite classes. Thank you to all the instructresses and my fellow poisers for giving me a reason to keep coming back. SPARKLE ON!

Janelle - we’re rewarded every day with #poisers like you.  <3