Transformation Thursday - SP Lounge

To anyone who attended Studio Poise prior to us even having a “lounge”, you know that the there has been quite the transformation!  From a couple benches within SP1, to a warm and comfortable powder blue space where some of the real fun happens! As time has gone on, you may have noticed some friendly faces behind the Lounge Desk, otherwise known as our Lounge Ladies! We wanted to take some time to introduce you more properly to these women. As you get to know them better virtually, be sure to introduce yourself next time you see them at the desk or in class, too!  As the head honcho of SP,  I really took a long time before choosing/asking these ladies to be the faces behind the desk.  Their dedication and love to SP makes my heart melt on a daily basis… I am beyond ecstatic to have them as an official part of the SP Staff!




Andrea Blasdale

Greetings, Poise Nation! It is so wonderful to be part of such an inspiring, amazing, and beautiful group of women, and as I make an effort to get to know all of you from behind the desk, I'd love for you to know more about me!

I come from a lifetime of sports and dance. While there is certainly variety to my background, it has allowed me to appreciate where we all come from, without a doubt. As a child, I played basketball and softball, and then I developed a love for dance - ballet in particular. I spent several years at Boston Ballet, which is where the barre became an inspiring part of my life. I moved on to cheerleading in middle school, and participated in Pop Warner, my high school team as a four-year member and three-year captain, and finally topping off my cheering "career" while in college. Overall, I've lived an athletically diverse life in my 25 years, but discovering Studio Poise brought that to new heights, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

One of my best friends introduced me to SP in early 2013, in the dead of winter. I purchased a Living Social deal for five classes, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was just beginning to recover from a very traumatizing and stressful time in my life - breaking off my engagement and calling off my wedding the summer before, moving out of my apartment and back in with my family, and realizing that I had not been making healthy choices due to the anxiety I was constantly experiencing. I needed an outlet to release that trauma, stress, and anxiety, and I quickly found an outlet at SP. I was enjoying my work outs, I was actually GETTING a work out, and I was meeting amazing women and making amazing friends in the process. For once in my life, I felt balanced, and I was finally at peace with my life and who I was.

I would be lying if I said I never struggled with my weight, body image issues, or wanting to be the skinny, pretty girl in school. Those feelings of insecurity slowly began to melt away as I spent more and more time at Studio Poise. Fast foward to the present day - nearly a year and a half after my very first class - and I feel better than I've ever felt, and now I get to watch you all transform as I check you in to your own classes from behind the desk. I couldn't be more honored to be a member of Poise Nation - you all make the experience so beautiful!

xo - Lounge Lady Andrea


Chrissy Clawson

About a year and a half ago one of my best friends and fellow poiser Janelle told me about Studio Poise.  I was really into lifting and spinning, so the pilates scared me, but I put on my big girl yoga pants and tried it.  I fell in love with it immediately! Gradually I replaced my regular workouts with SP classes and eventually stopped going to the gym and worked out only at the sparkly, happy Studio Poise.   Since I started going there I've not only noticed a huge change in my body but my confidence as well.  I never wore tank tops and refused to attempt Zumba but now do both on the reg.  Studio Poise is seriously a one of a kind place full of amazing women- instructresses and clients who exude positive energy and spirit.  It's a place that fosters friendships and strength and empowers everyone who is part of the community.  When Danielle asked me to be a lounge lady, I was happy to accept and love sitting in the waiting area talking and getting to know everyone and occasionally causing trouble ;).

When I'm not at SP, I'm typically hanging with my very patient husband Tom, walking my dog babies Rico and Roxy, waiting in line at Bagel World, or at my job teaching English (and important life skills) to high school kids.  Make sure you say hi when you come in to SP!  Bye for now #poisenation!

XO - Chrissy aka "Lounge Lady Leo"


Claudia Melini


I came across a post from a friend saying she was an instructor at Studio Poise. I searched into it and realized Danielle was the owner I immediately signed up for one of her amazing deals it was 2months unlimited in the summer. I came to her Zumba class and couldn't get enough I continued to come and enjoy every second of it. Soon, after my 2months were up and life got in the way so I stopped attending and of course lost in touch with Danielle but I would always keep up with the latest in what was going on in SP. A few months later I ran into her at a basketball game and we began to talk about how she needed an extra hand with the studio, of course I jumped up and said I could help her out weird way of interviewing someone huh? But she was sold! I couldn't start right away until recently but so far it has been amazing working for SP, all the instructors and clients are so nice and you feel like your part of the family. It means so much to me to work for someone who appreciates all that I do and what we all have to say and listens. Thank you so much SP!

Alexandra Sweet:


Hi SP Family!  Most of you already know me as the overly friendly, loud, giggly Poiser with cake for days!  While I could take this moment to tell you more than that, I think that might actually sum it up pretty well.  What I’d like to do instead is thank you all for helping me to become the best version of myself that I’ve been in a long time.  Before coming to Studio Poise, I never thought that fitness would be a part of my life, never mind a part of my life that I actually enjoyed.  I have always struggled with self-doubt and body insecurities.  I could never find a gym I liked because they seemed so overwhelming and elitist to me.   I took a chance and bought a living social deal, which changed my life for forever.  

It was very appropriate that I started my SP party on Cinco de Mayo of 2013 and I haven’t looked back since.  Because of your continuous support, friendliness and encouragement, I not only want to better myself, but I actually believe I am worthy of it.  We all know that women can be cruel to one another yet somehow SP is its own microcosm where everyone is equal and instant friends.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to flourish and to spend time out of our busy days sweating, sparkling and laughing together.  You are all amazing, strong and beautiful women.  I look forward to hanging out with you in the lounge!