Transformation Thursday Jayna Doherty-Kinloch

Next up for Transformation Thursday is Jayna Doherty-Kinloch.  Let's hear what she had to say.  

I was active growing up; I danced, mostly ballet, I played tennis, and I’ve been a regular gym-goer since I was in high school. Things changed dramatically when I was in college (as I feel like the saying goes). I still worked out a lot in college – this is where my 6:00 AM workout habit began, but my diet was atrocious. I generally ate meal-plan breakfasts (where I now realize I consumed every single calorie I had burned two hours before), and I ate lunch on the go. When I was in college I was working nearly full time, interning, and taking classes, so if I didn’t eat while I was moving from one thing to the next, I didn’t eat; or I snacked later and it’s hard to tell which habit was worse. The pounds kept creeping on because I was totally of the mentality that as long as I was working out, and I rarely missed a workout, I could eat anything I wanted. I was dead wrong (clearly).

I got a wake-up call to make changes to my life just after my 21st birthday. I went in for a routine eye exam, and three specialists, 4 MRIs, a spinal tap and 4 weeks later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I put on this brave face, as I usually do, and told everyone that I was fine, it’s a manageable disease, and everything was going to be all right. In reality, it was the most soul-crushing experience I could even fathom at the time; I didn’t say one word to the doctor, I sat in stunned silence and let my dad speak for me – I hadn’t done that in years. I stopped working out, I started eating my feelings, and I’m pretty sure this is where my love affair with reality TV on Bravo began. There is so much research out there saying that diet and exercise are enormously important when it comes to managing MS, but I think I at this point I hadn’t even accepted the diagnosis, never mind was I ready to admit that I needed to make lifestyle changes.

The picture on the left was taken on July 4, 2012, the day I was engaged. I had been diagnosed a little more than a year before that. After seeing that picture I realized I had to do something to change my life and make sure I had things in check so I got back into the gym and started making diet changes. Eventually I got bored though, and spinning, a workout I had always loved, wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had heard so much about barre workouts, and I missed ballet so much, that I decided to buy the new client series at Studio Poise in March 2013 totally on a whim – I knew nothing about the studio, no one that went there, I just wanted to give it a shot – and I’ve never looked back. I started buying individual classes and squeezing them in when I felt like I could; and eventually I joined as a Poised and Ready Bride. I couldn’t believe that changes I was seeing not just to my body and physical health, but to my mental health as well.

I’m incredibly thankful for everything SP has brought into my life; the picture on the right was taken just a few weeks ago, and personally, I think I look fitter, healthier, and happier than I have in years. I feel stronger and calmer. I credit SP with a lot of that. I am so thankful to have found a place where I’ve not only improved my health, but I’ve added so many other positives to my life as well. I can honestly say that socializing in the lounge, Wine –ahem- Book Club, and my #PFF Jennifer Elliott are a few of the best things to ever happen to me. Jennifer even walked in the Walk for MS this year to support me; and some days I’m not entirely sure how I made it before I met her. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you Studio Poise.

Jayna thank YOU for being YOU.  You are one of the sparkliest members of #poisenation - keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your story with us.  <3 SP