Tip Tuesdays - Spreading the Sparkle

Everyone remembers Aesop's fables from when we were growing up.  In one of his lessons we learned, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".  Here at Studio Poise, we pay great attention to taking care of ourselves and making time in our busy lives to ensure that we are healthy, sparkling and happy.  We have become a support system to one another and have encouraged, cheered on and picked one another up from time to time.  Studio Poise is a community of strong women who want to better themselves and each other through fitness and kindness.  And, it is with this idea in mind that we proudly introduce our newest SP Adventure: Poised and Caring. Poised and Caring will go into the community to volunteer and give back once a month.  Volunteer for one or volunteer for all!  Not only will this be a great opportunity to bond with the SP community outside the walls of the studio, but we will be able to put our sparkle in action and change the lives of some very deserving people along the way!  

Where are we going first and what are we doing when we get there?

We will be going to the Sunrise Assisted Living Center in Burlington (24 Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803) to participate in their Seasons Sonatas music therapy hour.  We will sing, play music, dance with the residents and generally spread sparkle and cheer.   Sometimes there are fun props that residents use to get involved; there are sing-a-longs and performances by volunteers.  

What if I don’t have any musical ability whatsoever?!

You don’t have to be musically inclined to participate.  Volunteers who don’t want to perform can be a member of the “Seasonsettes,” there to provide smiles, dance with the residents or sit with them while they enjoy the show.  

Can I make my musical debut at Seasons Sonatas?

Yes!  If you want to play an instrument, sing a song or lead a number, let me know and we will make sure to give you the spotlight!  Theresa and Sheree, I’m looking at you!  

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

No!  You will arrive at 1:30 and meet with the staff for about 30 minutes to discuss the event and what you can expect.  The show starts at 2 o’clock and goes for roughly one hour.  Sunrise staff and other volunteers will be there to help facilitate the performance and answer any questions you may have.

Where can I find more information or see Seasons Sonatas in action?

Videos (by Seasons Hospice Videography Volunteer):

We truly hope that you all consider coming out to participate in the inaugural Poised and Caring event.  We am really excited about it and guarantee that you won’t regret signing up!  

And, if all this information isn’t enough to convince you, consider this -->


Let’s get “very happy” together!