Transformation Thursday - Jennifer Elliott

This week’s Transformation Thursday is Jennifer Elliott!  This Mama-extraordinaire has not had an easy road but she managed (and continues) to push through, with a smile and the most genuine air about her.  Here is her story:

I found Studio Poise 18 months ago.  At that time, I was feeling tired and stressed out.  My simple basement workout routine wasn't cutting it anymore.  SP offered a variety of fun whole body workouts.  Danielle's energy and enthusiasm was infectious!  Little did I know, that in the following months, challenging times were coming and SP would be my one consistent outlet.

During the next few months, I found out I was pregnant with my third child.  I was scared!  I was still adjusting to having two daughters who were only 19 months and 5 years old.  At the same time, my mother was very sick and passed away.  I had never felt so broken and unsure of the road ahead.  I kept going to SP because I could forget my worries and at the end of class, I felt good about what I had accomplished in that short time.

Throughout my pregnancy I maintained 3-4 classes a week, I modified my workouts at every opportunity.  I learned from my first two pregnancies that it's easier to recover and get back into shape when I exercised regularly.  Unfortunately, when I was seven months pregnant, I simply stepped into my yard (with flip flops on) and I broke my foot.  I was completely sedentary.  At that point, I packed on the pounds!  In October, my healthy sweet baby Daniel was born and I started to get back on my feet.

During the time I was out, SP added even more classes with new Instructresses.  When I was finally cleared to exercise again, my return to SP was quite epic.  It was Tuesday, December 10th, 2 days after Daniel's Christening, 6 AM, dark outside and about 13 degrees.  I opened the doors to a kind reception from Instructress Emily, classmates Jayna Kinloch, Jenn Santo, and Amanda Lizotte.  From that day forward I was a 6 AM regular.  Jayna, Jenn and Amanda were constant encouragement toughing through workouts on those cold and dark winter mornings!  All the Instructresses led awesome classes with modifications that allowed me to pace myself and gradually build strength.

In January, I joined 6 Weeks to Chic.  I put effort into planning my meals and followed Danielle's recommendations.  It required a total change in what I ate.  Five times a day, I was eating fruits, vegetables and protein.  I was so surprised that I actually wasn't feeling starving.  My whole family started to eat healthier and my 6 Weeks to Chic results were amazing!  I try to continue healthy eating as much as possible.  When I do, I sleep better, I'm not tired during the day and my muscles recover quickly from workouts.  

I've been asked, how do you do it with three kids and a teaching career?  I have an awesome husband, and I come from a family of strong women.  My husband is with me every step of the way with raising our children.  Some days are smooth and other days are upside down.  No matter what the day brings, my husband is my rock.  He is very supportive of my fitness journey, and he appreciates that my SP workouts keep me centered.  My sisters, aunts and cousins are amazing women who I find constant support and solidarity.  Myself and my daughters are blessed to have them as role models!

Since my return back to SP in December, I have lost a total of 30 pounds, many inches and I feel stronger than I ever have before.  I know that everyone's fitness journey is different.  We all walk different paths, but I truly feel blessed to have found SP.  The classes are led by the most talented and professional Instructresses!  Danielle put together a team of women who are uplifting, inspiring, and prepared.  I really enjoy the classes and I've made countless SP fitness friends who bring such positive energy.  There is an absolute sparkle at Studio Poise, and my life and family are so much better because of it.


Jennifer keep up the good work - you are a complete ROCKSTAR in class and an absolute pleasure to be around. You are an inspiration to all of us!