Tip Tuesdays - Breathing

Today’s Tip Tuesday is going to focus on Breathing…

We start the majority of classes at SP on the matte connecting with our breathe...ever wonder why?

“In through the nose...out through the mouth” - you might be sick of hearing the instructresses saying that by now and one would think breathing would be second nature - but unfortunately thats not always the case!  Proper breathing is crucial to having correct form - so lets dive into why and how to achieve it!


  • Oxygenation releases tension in your muscles - when we breath correctly, oxygen flows to our muscles.  The more oxygen in our muscles means the more relaxed they are.  When our muscles are relaxed they are in a prime position to assist us through our movements.

  • Heightens awareness and concentration - Through all movements you want to be in tune with your body the muscles being utilized and the breathe pattern.

  • Activation of stabilizing muscles - Muscular stabilization should occur before all movements to ensure safety and efficiency.

Now that we know how lets discuss how we can work on it:

  • Deep Breaths:  Now we know breathing is imperative but we can’t just breathe short breathes.  We mean big, deep, full breathes or Lateral Breathing.  It is called Lateral Breathing because of the way your ribs expand and contract all around your body.  If we keep it to short quick breaths - you are only allowing air into the upper portion of the lungs and you will not reach those deep stabilizing muscles that simultaneously prepare your body for movement and protect the muscles of your back and spine.

Tip and Modifications:  Keep these in mind whenever you’re in class!

  • Never hold your breath

  • Never force your breathing - it should fall in-line with your movements

  • Your torso, except the expansion of your ribcage, should stay stabilized and unmoving

  • Always proud chested with a nice long relaxed neck - no tension

  • In through the nose...out through the mouth

  • When we inhale - our spine will extend slightly and ribs open a little.  When we exhale, our spine flexes and our ribs close

Hope this helps and as always if you EVER have any questions be sure to speak to your Instructress before or after class!