Me Mondays - “I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia”

One particular member of #poisenation has had a rough road when it comes to her health.  We chatted with Tiffany about her journey and how it brought her to Studio Poise.  In her own words:

During the Fall of 2012, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia . I had not been feeling well for an extended period of time, but had chalked it up to lack of sleep from being a mother. However, when my son began sleeping better, I began feeling worse….I had severe muscle knots, cramping, and spasms, terrible headaches, digestive issues, and massive anxiety because I had convinced myself that something was drastically wrong with me. After having multiple tests, I actually felt relief when my rheumatologist confirmed that I had Fibromyalgia…I thought to myself, “Fibroymyalgia is not terminal…I can do this.” Then it hit me that Fibromyalgia is “chronic”…meaning it was never going away…ever….Thankfully, symptoms wax and wane, but they are always there. I set out on a mission to control my symptoms and minimize my flare ups without having to take a daily medication.

I have always LOVED TO DANCE, and became a dancer at a very young age. There was not a specific kind of dance I was fond of….I just loved it all…tap, jazz, ballet, you name it, and I did it. As I got older, my exercise transformed into going to the gym, walking the lake, lifting weights, kickboxing,  etc. However, when the barre craze took hold, when my son was a baby, I was ecstatic! Dance was back in my life! In fact, even though I had technically lost all the “baby weight”, barre was what got me back in my “skinny jeans” and allowed me to lose those last few inches.

I started out doing barre DVD’s at home due to the fact that barely any studios had barre classes available in this area yet.  When studios in the area began offering barre classes, I was thrilled and signed myself right up. However, I often left class in a full muscle spasm, unable to turn my neck in any direction. I attend physical therapy for my Fibromyalgia weekly, and probably will for the rest of my life, and they told me to stop lifting weights, minimize my exercise, etc in order to avoid another flare up. I was defeateddevastated……sadanxious…..I refused to be one of the statistics of women with Fibromyalgia who become overweight because exercise “hurts too much.” My rheumatologist has always told me that if I kept up with my exercise routine, it would reduce my flare ups so that is what I attempted to do.

When I found Studio Poise, IT WAS LIKE THE GATES OF HEAVEN OPENED UP FOR ME…I could take a barre class and actually feel better, instead of having a muscle spasm in my neck for 72 hours and needing to live off flexeril to function. My physical therapist has even allowed me to start lifting weights again….which is a miracle, I must say…. I have tried a variety of classes there and love them all. The staff is very supportive and every single one of them makes the women who are attending classes feel welcomed and comfortable. I am a devoted, loyal fan, and I feel/hope that perhaps I can remain flare-up free for more extended period of time. Thank you Danielle and Studio Poise


Tiffany DeBerardinis

THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING THAT MAKES US HAPPIER THAN HEARING STORIES LIKE THIS!  We are a strong community of women; each with their own struggles, and we come together everyday to better ourselves in great company.  Tiffany - Thank YOU for being one of the brightest sparkles at SP and for sharing your story!