Me Mondays - Poised and Pretty

Every member of the Studio Poise community is a lot of different things to a lot of different people; daughter, sister, mother, friend etc..  We are going to use “Me Mondays” to take a little time to share the things that we do everyday to better ourselves.

First Up - getting our “face” on!  Our next SP off the Matte event; Poised & Pretty, is coming to the studio next Thurday, May 29!  Lacey Lounsbury, an industry expert, co-owner of The Beauty Dream Team and SP royalty, will be here to walk you through day to night looks in addition to tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine.    


Without giving away too much before the event, we sat down with Lacey to ask a few questions:

How did you get started doing make-up?

I had just turned 18 and all of my friends were 21.  Since I couldn’t go out with them, I would go the MAC counter at the NorthShore Mall.  I spent so many nights there that they eventually offered me a job.  I started Freelancing before going to the Burlington Mall MAC counter for 4 years.  I progressed through until I became Dept Manager for Cosmetics where I stayed for 6 years.  Recently I have been lucky enough to start a business with my BFF; Melissa.  We’ve been freelancing together for 10 years but just went out on our own with The Beauty Dream Team where we offer on site hair and makeup - specializing in bridal.

What is your Go-To beauty product?

I really do not think I could pick just one but if I was stuck on a desert island and only had one thing I would want it to be STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. For a complete list of my favs - you’ll have to come to a class!

If there was one beauty myth that you could debunk what would it be?

It would probably be the belief that a smoky eye has to have black in it.  Its not about the colors; it’s a technique that I’ll show you in class ;)

What celebrity has the best/most consistently flawless make-up?

Kim Kardashian is the only possible answer here.

How do you always have amazing hair after Piloxing?

“Its a weave” (you can write that I dont care.)  But for a real answer, I swear by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.


If you have any additional questions you can post them in the comments below and/or bring them Thursday!  And to learn more about Lacey and The Beauty Dream Team please go to:

Please note - If you are attending feel free to bring your own makeup bag and brushes, or you can just watch, it's completely up to you!

Hope to see you at the event!  Much Love #poisenation!