Special Guest Saturday: Sarah O'Keefe

I have been asked to write this post, in the words of Jay-Z, to “allow me to reintroduce myself.” For those of you who do not know me, my name is Sarah O’Keefe. I am a north shore native returning from 15 months of hell - I mean nursing school! -  in Fairfield, CT.   

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My passion and love for health, wellness and fitness started during my time as a competitive figure skater and has stayed with me. I skated 5 days a week on the ice, and I supplemented my skating with off-ice conditioning and ballet training. I competed nationally, and the importance of poise and confidence was almost ingrained in me from a young age.

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Working out was never a chore, I had never even stepped foot in a gym till I was in college. I was active with skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, and even basketball (Yes, I played basketball). After my freshman year of college I decided to part ways with cheerleading at the collegiate level, so I had to find another way to stay in shape.

I started going to classes with my roommate and we quickly became addicted. We had the fitness schedules printed and were regulars each week. In my junior year, the opportunity presented itself to audition to become an instructor. I went through the process and the rest is history!

I started teaching my senior year starting off with step and sculpt (yes, step was/still may be a thing) and then progressed to kickboxing, total body toning, and pilates classes.  After I graduated from  college, I began to think about what I wanted to do with my life (not much has changed) and set a goal to go back to school and become a nurse, a decision that was shocking to many, including myself. During that year after I graduated college I was taking pre-requisite science classes at a local college and creating future Tara Lipinski’s and Sidney Crosby’s (teaching learn to skate lessons), as well as few fitness classes at a local gym.

In January 2013, I discovered a Craigslist ad for a place with a website that was decorated in pink with the words, PILATES, DANCE, FITNESS. I was sold. I started teaching at Studio Poise in January 2013, where I was one of FOUR, yes FOUR instructresses at the singular studio in Lynnfield. I knew from the start that this already amazing place would grow into an incredibly inspirational community.  Here I am now, with over 15 instructresses, 3 and counting studios, and dozens of new members who I continue to share one of my passions with.

I look forward to meeting all of those who are new and seeing more familiar faces at the studio!


It's great to have you back at the barre leading us in sparkling, Sarah! Congrats on finishing nursing school, and welcome back to Studio Poise!