Instructress Challenge

None of us can escape temptation at this time of year, not even the SP Instructress team. The holidays are one of the most challenging times to stick to our healthy living routines. Holiday meals tempt us with calorie bombs, social commitments interfere with our workout schedules, and before we know it, January's here and our lulu leggings are feeling snugger than we'd like. 

To keep ourselves accountable, the Instructress team is joining together in the Instructress Challenge. From December 1-31, we'll be committing to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the face of all the temptation and distractions. Over the past few days, you may have noticed your favorite instructresses sharing motivation and inspiration on their Facebook pages, tagged with #instructresschallenge and #leanmean2015. 

The challenge covers nutrition, exercise, and community. Make sure to follow your favorite Instructresses on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - we'll be sharing recipes, inspirational quotes, and workouts throughout the month. We're counting on #poisenation to help choose the winner at the end of the month! We're looking for the Instructress who has been inspirational, motivational, and consistent in sharing her sparkle throughout the challenge. Stay tuned for more information on choosing a winner!